Team Building Events For Your Every Need

Teamwork makes the dream work! Boost your team’s social relationships, improve communications and cohesiveness, enhance problem solving skills through our fun and challenging team building programmes! Led by experienced team builders, our programmes are suitable for one and all. Your needs are unique and your team is original. That’s the reason we never take a one size fits all approach in team building. All programmes are 100% customisable, simply contact us to find out more! Drive business success through fun with us today.



Bowl n Bond

Bowl n Bond

Strike out boring team-building sessions and head into Orchid Bowl. Discover thrilling new game formats, quizzes and bowling challenges that will leave everyone bowled over.

Office Olympics (Chair Curling)

Office Olympics

A fun programme that transforms the office into a stadium. Games utilise office supplies to build teamwork and deepen bonds between colleagues. You’ll never have more fun in an office!

WWW Team Building

Wet n Wild

Combining water slides with land activities and challenges, Wild ‘N’ Wet aims to foster a positive team culture while enhancing creative thinking and communication skills. It’s suitable for participants of all ages.

Team Building @ MBGC (80 of 80)

Golf Par Tee

Enjoy team outings where fun is par for the course! Participants will learn golfing basics and compete for bragging rights against colleagues in a series of exciting challenges.

Race @DE

Race @ Downtown East

Participants race around Downtown East and Pasir Ris Park putting their problem-solving and communication skills to the test as they solve puzzles and complete exciting team challenges.