The Trash Pack

2pm - 8pm
7 Jun 2013 To 23 Jun 2013
Downtown East

The gross gang is making its way to Downtown East this June! Squirming, buzzing and wriggling all the way from down under, the trashies are here to bring you the trashiest, grossest fun in town!
Explore trash town where you get on a yucky adventure starting from a trash can tunnel that brings you through the crazy, wild, totally-gross world of Trash Pack! Then plunge in to a pool brimming with bin-sects and bin-monsters  and dig for treasures within the junky pool. Lastly, feast on a live performance put up by the Gross Gang and meet & greet with Blow Fly, Trash-A-Pillar, Rotten Apple and Smelly Fish! 
Be prepared to enter the icky gunk and revolting rubbish to find out why recycling and being eco-friendly are so important.
Event subject to change without prior notice.

The "Gigantic" Trash Can @ Downtown East: 

The fun "Trash Pool" for the kiddos


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