Flaming Spice

Operating hours: Daily: 8am-11pm
6816 6081
E!Avenue #01-309
Flaming Spice Detail

Our promise is to bring you food so good, you’ll be craving for more the minute you walk out our doors. Made with quality ingredients, our food tastes like a richer past when food was grown in our backyards and served up fresh, when vegetables tasted like themselves instead of chemicals, when... oooh, you get where we are going with this! And guess what? We won’t charge you a bomb for it either.

At Flaming Spice, you can look forward to curbing your late night cravings with our extensive menu. Offering you a wide variety of cuisines to choose from, from Indian Muslim to Western, we promise you’ll be spoil for choice. We obviously believe that more is better to tickle your palette.

What’s more? Our cozy interiors will home you away from the hustle and bustle. It will be like your worn-in PJs that you never want to take off but cool enough for you to want to take selfies in. It is also family friendly, so bring your mom and pop, grandma and granddad and all the little kiddos for a chilled-out, good time. We can’t wait to meet you!