Operating hours: Daily: 11am-10pm
6386 8562
E!Avenue #02-324
Mukshidonna Detail

Mukshidonna, the famous restaurant chain in Seoul, South Korea well known for its Halal-certified Korean Army Stew has arrived in Singapore with its first outlet located at Downtown East. 

The term Muk-shi-don-na means Eat (Muk), Rest (Shi), Pay (Don), Leave (Na) when translated in English, meaning “Have your food, pay and leave”. The signature rice cake fusion with the customisation of other ingredients such as sausages, mussels, cheese and etc, are stew over the fire in its unique sauce. This one pot goodness which is also known as Korean army stew (Budae Jjigae), is definitely one of the most popular traditional hot pot dishes in Korea today.