Operating hours: Daily: 11.30am - 10pm

6282 7381
E!Avenue #02-321
Omoomo Detail

OMOOMODON is a Korean-Japanese fusion dining concept by Gratify Group that is inspired by fusing Korean flavours with cooking techniques welled with Japanese style to create various unique dons!

“OMO-OMO”, a Korean expression meaning “OH MY!” – used to describe amazement and surprise – is what our painstakingly customized OMOOMO fusion dishes aim to deliver, as we surprise your taste buds!  

With that in mind, OMOOMODON provides a ‘WOW’ dining experience with our amazing fusion dishes and fuss free self-service kiosks. 

Be prepared to feast on the signature dons of OMOOMODON that is painstakingly customized after countless tries of combinations and combinations.

For consumers who like pork-free & vegan options, there are also ‘Build-My-Don’ choices from our sheer variety of ingredient choices!