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Teamwork makes the dream work!

Boost your team’s social relationships, improve communications and cohesiveness, enhance problem solving skills through our fun and challenging team building programmes! Led by experienced team builders, our programmes are suitable for one and all.

Your needs are unique and your team is original. That’s the reason we never take a one size fits all approach in team building. All programmes are 100% customisable, simply contact us to find out more! Drive business success through fun with us today.


Splash & Dash

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Splash & Dash is an outdoor teambuilding programme specially curated for Asia’s Biggest Water Theme park “Wild Wild Wet” with team-challenges specially designed for the unique landscape for the team.

Points will be awarded to teams that complete the most challenges in the shortest amount of time.


50 – 200 pax | 4 – 6 hours

The Survival Trail

The Survival Trail is by no means a race, it is a mission driven, chorot trail blaze which emphasizes on the spirit of togetherness though shared experiences.

After clocking the check-points within the park, teams will return to Downtown East for an online questionnaire showdown!


50 – 200 pax | 3 – 4.5 hours

T-Race @ DE
T-RACE@DE is the only Amazing Race concept that runs through the entire lifestyle mall of Downtown East.

Teams will race one another from stations to stations and attempt to complete the team challenges which tests the limits and critical thinking skills of its members.


50 – 200 pax | 3 - 4.5 hours

Guilty Party
Guilty Party is a mystery themed team-building programme modelled after the duties of Crime Scene Investigators.

Teams will travel to different crime-scenes and earn their “warrant rights” to “investigate” and gather compelling evidence by completing the unique and thought-provoking team-challenges. Only the best will successfully prove beyond a doubt the true culprit and uncover the hidden truth.


50 – 200 pax | 3 – 4.5 hours




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