Red Dot Flavour

1 Aug 2017 To 30 Sep 2017
Downtown East

Eighteen Chef's Red Dot Flavour Exclusive Promotion!

In celebration of Singpaore's 52nd birthday, Eighteen Chefs has added a funky twist to some of our local favourites. Head down to Eighteen Chefs at Downtown East to check out this mouth-watering lineup:
·         Chilli Crayfish Pasta 
·         Dry Laksa Pasta 
·         Pineapple & Chicken Satay Kebabs with Fried Rice 
·         Chendol 
·         Bandung 
·         Fluffy Rainbow Ice Cream Sandwich 

* Top up $0.80 for a Fluffy Rainbow Ice cream Sandwich when you order a main course and a drink from the Red Dot Flavour menu.

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