Forest4 Darts Café

Operating hours: Mon  - Thurs: 12pm - 12am
Fri - Sat: 12pm - 12am
Sun: 12pm - 12am
E!Avenue #01-313
Forest4 Darts detail

Established since year 2005 we are consider the biggest Electronic soft-tip Darts Bar in Singapore. Currently we have 4 outlets in town that have more than 20 dart boards per branch. Every year we have 2 seasons of inter pub league games that last for 4 to 5 months per season and each season the league is played on at least 3 days per week. This soft-tip dart games is becoming very popular in Singapore and also overseas. We have international competition every year in the month of March whereby overseas players and guest will compete with our local players. Besides the league games we also organize in-house fun dart competition for our customers and we also retail great varieties of darts merchandise in our shop. Corporate events or private functions are most welcome to join us for the fun and our mainly corporate clients are HDB, DHL, SIA, QUALCOM etc.