Gallop Stable @ D'Resort

Operating hours:

Horses Daily Schedule:
Afternoon Walk: 2pm - 7pm (Mon, Wed, Thu & PH) 2pm - 9pm (Fri -  Sun)

Feeding & Activities Time: 
Mon, Wed, Thu & PH: 9am - 7pm | Fri - Sun: 9am - 9pm
Horses’ Naptime: 12pm - 2pm
Last Feeding & Activities Time: 6.45pm / 8.45pm
*Please Note: Horses take it easy and rest on Tuesdays. Their schedule may change depending on their mood.
D'Resort #01-200
Gallop Stable started from humble beginnings in 2003 at Pasir Ris Park with 13 friendly ponies. Our journey began when we realised the lack of opportunities for the public to enjoy horses and horse riding. Hence, since our opening, Gallop Stable has provided affordable riding and an easier way for everyone to be close to horses and ponies without worrying about membership fees, monthly subscriptions and royal costs. With increasing demand over the years, Gallop Stable has since expanded to Bukit Timah at the former turf club stables incorporating more riding arenas and over 200 stables, currently one of the largest public riding centres in Singapore.