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We understand that Dinner & Dances are more than just a party – they are a chance to allow for better engagement between the employee and company, connecting the employees with the leadership. Likewise, private events and after parties are a way for people to mingle and network, more often in a leisurely pace. Our venues, as with our team, are well equipped to plan and manage your next Dinner & Dance to turn it into a memorable one! Get in touch with us to find out how you can organise your next event now!



Select from a wide range of venues for your event needs.

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24 Aug 2019 V Group-228
WWW Corporate Area 2

A slightly smaller offering compared to its neighbour, our second corporate area provides a slightly more intimate space at 200m², and can host up to 250 people. Situated near our more thrilling rides like the Free Fall, Kraken Racers and Vortex Tower, our corporate area is best suited for events that get your heart pumping! Nonetheless, it has also played host to team building sessions with smaller groups as well as family days. 

4 Oct 2019 Nafa Event-136
WWW Corporate Area 1

For those seeking a little fun in the sun, we have our corporate tent that can host 300 people. With an event space of 230m² and conveniently situated near the Tsunami pool, you can sure your next corporate gathering will be a splashing good time! Our corporate area has played host to a wide array of events, not just corporate gatherings. From family days, team building and team bonding sessions to even solemnization! 

Aster 3

With an area right in the middle between Aster 1 and Aster 2, the Aster 3 function room has a space of up to 84m², and similarly, is able to host up to 60 people. The Aster 3 function room has played host to meetings, team building sessions, as well as solemnization.

Begonia Terrace

For those who require a much larger and sheltered area, the Begonia Terrace will suit your needs perfectly. With an event space of 464m², this area will host 400 people comfortably. Unlike the rest of our function rooms, this area is non-air conditioned. However, we do have solutions to cool your guests while the party gets going. 

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A 150m² versatile event space that sits up to 100 people. Whether you're holding a seminar or a solemnisation, the Vanda Function Room has everything you need and more. 

Cassia 2

Similar to Cassia 1, our Cassia 2 function room is just a wee bit smaller at 278m², but is able to hold the same number of people at 260. Our Cassia function rooms, has played host to seminars, solemnisations, meetings and even intimate weddings. 

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D' Marquee

No idea is too big for this pillar-less, fully air-conditioned multi-purpose hall. The vast venue seats up to 1,800 guests, making it perfect for concerts, exhibitions, trade fairs, meet & greet sessions, sporting and corporate events, product launches and D&Ds.

Begonia Ballroom

The largest of all our function rooms, the Begonia Ballroom is the classiest of them all. With over 561m² of event space and the ability to host up to 550 people, the Begonia Ballroom has hosted many weddings, solemnization, large scale meetings and conferences as well as Dinner & Dances. 

Cassia 1

An event area that is able to 260 people and with a floor space of 283m², our Cassia function rooms has played host to seminars, solemnization, meetings and even intimate weddings. 

Aster 2

Similar to it's neighbour but slightly smaller, the Aster 2 function room has a space of up to 82m² and can also host up to 60 people. Likewise, the Aster 2 is best suited for meetings, team building and team bonding sessions and even solemnisations.

Aster 1

Having a space of no more than 96m² and with the area to host up to 60 people, the Aster 1 function room is best suited for meetings, team building and team bonding sessions and even solemnisations.