06:00 PM
Jan 4, 2023
Wild Wild Wet Entrance
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MOVE IT with Quick HIIT & Piloxing Programme

Led by professional trainers, both workouts feature short bursts of high intensity exercises that build muscles and burn calories in minimum time. 

These free weekly group exercises, organised by the Health Promotion Board, feature a variety of total body workouts that include callisthenics and bodyweight exercises.

Work your core, upper, and lower body muscles to improve fitness level and increase energy expenditure to achieve a healthier bodyweight (or even train for your IPPT!).

  • QUICK HIIT (Every Tue – 6.30pm to 7.30pm)
  • PILOXING (Every Wed – 7.00pm to 8.00pm) 


Participants can register for their preferred workout sessions and other HPB programmes via the Healthy 365 app.

Book your sessions now with these simple steps:

Launch the Healthy365 app > Tap ‘Explore’ > Tap ‘Events’ >  Select and book your preferred session!