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Don Don Donki (Opening Soon)

Don Quijote is a famous Japanese discount retail chain famously known as 'Donki' with 350+ stores in Japan, 3 in Hawaii and 9 in California. Don Quijote is now expanding to Southeast Asia as 'DON DON DONKI'.

E!Avenue #01-339

From extensive facial beauty services, body massages, to utilising top brand products such as Payot Paris, there is something for everyone to indulge and unwind with.

E!Avenue #02-327
Smiley World Train

Experience a fun and enjoyable train ride around shopping malls with Smiley World.

E!Avenue Level 2
Clippers Barber Shop

A barbershop where nostalgia meets modernity, with real barber chairs and professional barbers.

E!Hub #02-124

PramWash is Singapore’s first ever stroller cleaning service provider.

E!Hub Level 3

Discover stylish & high quality products curated for your home and living. Celebrate fine living with IUIGA. 

E!Avenue #01-314
BLT Fresh

BLT Fresh -  A sandwich joint that serves affordable Halal Fresh, Tasty and Healthy Sandwiches.

E!Avenue #02-K1
Markers' Market
Makers' Market

A curated marketplace bringing together crafts and design goods from around the region, Maker’s Market focuses on supporting start-ups, brands and designers, and making their ideas come to life.

E!Avenue #01-306
Airzone (Opening Soon)

World's First Indoor Atrium Net Playground.

E!Hub #05-102
REDMAN by Phoon Huat

RedMan houses a wide array of ingredients and tools from international renowned and homegrown brands. The new concept store is a one-stop destination for the daily avid bakers and patisserie to the professionals.

E!Hub #01-101
Upwall Climbing
Upwall Climbing

A beginner-friendly facility focused on nurturing the young and bringing families together through a fun and engaging activity.

E!Hub #01-105
Gaku Sushi Bar
Gaku Sushi Bar

Gaku Sushi Bar is a modern Japanese Fusion Dining concept that serves a splendor of Japanese cuisine beyond just sushi.

E!Avenue #02-304
Ding Guo Guo
Ding Guo Guo Hot Pot

Ding Guo Guo Hot Pot is a no-frills hot pot concept with more than 90 freshly prepared ingredients and 8 nourishing soup bases.

E!Avenue #02-303
Chong Qing Xiao Mu Deng Hotpot
Chong Qing Xiao Mu Deng Traditional Hotpot

We are a steamboat restaurant that carries a rich food culture of Chong Qing. A place that is filled with traditional wooden and painted stories of southwest China in it's olden days. 

E!Hub #02-125
Kiddie Winkie
Kiddie Winkie

Searching for apparel and toys for your little ones? Search no further! Head over to Kiddie Winkie to find the perfect one!

E!Avenue #02-K13