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Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles

Experience the original Lanzhou Lamian today with over 300 outlets across China. 

E!Avenue #02-322
Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

Traditional Dessert, cakes and dumplings, snow ice paste and more.

E!Hub #02-102
Don Don Donki

Don Quijote is a famous Japanese discount retail chain famously known as 'Donki' with 350+ stores in Japan, 3 in Hawaii and 9 in California. Don Quijote is now expanding to Southeast Asia as 'DON DON DONKI'.

E!Avenue #01-339

Beunoia@Sense Of Beaute aims to inspire all women to feel natural and confident with themselves. Whether you are wanting to relax and unwind, looking to improve your skin health or just needing a pick me up, our beauty experts will analyze your skin type and provide everything you need.

E!Avenue #02-327
Smiley World Train

Experience a fun and enjoyable train ride around shopping malls with Smiley World.

E!Avenue Level 2
Clippers Barber Shop

A barbershop where nostalgia meets modernity, with real barber chairs and professional barbers.

E!Hub #02-124
REDMAN by Phoon Huat

RedMan houses a wide array of ingredients and tools from international renowned and homegrown brands. The new concept store is a one-stop destination for the daily avid bakers and patisserie to the professionals.

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Upwall Climbing
Upwall Climbing

A beginner-friendly facility focused on nurturing the young and bringing families together through a fun and engaging activity.

E!Hub #01-105
Gaku Sushi Bar
Gaku Sushi Bar

Gaku Sushi Bar is a modern Japanese Fusion Dining concept that serves a splendor of Japanese cuisine beyond just sushi.

E!Avenue #02-304
Chong Qing Xiao Mu Deng Hotpot
Chong Qing Xiao Mu Deng Traditional Hotpot

Chong Qing Xiao Mu Deng Traditional Hot Pot is a steamboat restaurant that carries a rich food culture of Chong Qing.

E!Hub #02-125
Kiddie Winkie
Kiddie Winkie

Searching for apparel and toys for your little ones? Search no further! Head over to Kiddie Winkie to find the perfect one!

E!Avenue #02-K13
Little One Wardrobe

Little One Wardrobe offers your precious little ones a boutique selection of children's wear, costumes, and toys, all at everyday prices you can afford! Drop by today! 

E!Hub Level 3

Convallaria specialises in preserved flowers. We have a large selection of everlasting flowers and carefully crafted arrangements for every occasion.

E!Hub Level 1
Ola Beach Club
Ola Beach Club

Celebrate life and joyful moments with Hawaiian food and drinks, as you chill out by the Tsunami Wave Pool.

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WATAMI Japanese Dining

Offering a casual taste of Japanese delicacies, WATAMI provides a comfortable and relaxing dining experience at reasonable prices. 

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